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I've added a new bonus page to the Snowtouched site, "On Nichelings", containing worldbuilding info and speculation about the game setting and creatures. And a few more Standanas for the collection. Need to update the Mog page in general - there are new kittens!


Happy August. Updates to Snowtouched today with two new chapters and some new artwork.

Outside of this site, I've bashed together a webcomic style page generator for spitting out static webcomic pages. I made it for personal use and it's hacky as hell, but on the chance that it may be useful to others I'm posting the link. Feel free to use, improve, and modify as you wish.


Happy June everyone. There's a new chapter up for Snowtouched, and some new tutorials in the Petz section, including some delvings into the mysteries of the SCP personality files.


A small art update today, with new images for Snowtouched and another bestiary entry for Manifestations.


Happy Saturday again, kids. It's raining, but I bring you another chapter of Snowtouched!


Yesterday I went to see Spamalot! Of course it was a load of fun, but what's really important is a trip to the cat cafe beforehand that yielded a new Standana to report. Clearly he's getting in the mood for summer even if it's still overcast up here.

I've also added a new breedfile to the Petz section. It's an experimental file - an evolving pokemon thet grows into its adult form (Houndour to Houndoom). Tried out lots of new techniques, go check it out.


Manifestations has a new interlude story and bestiary entry, and there's a new chapter up for Snowtouched. But the most important thing of all is that there's more Standanas.

By the way, if you're looking for a fun art and/or worldbuilding challenge, Artslam is opening up for June. Give it a try!


Updated Snowtouched with three new chapters.


The Petz section's been updated again. One new breedfile, and a tutorial/copy-paste hexing base for creating "blank slates".


Snowtouched has a new chapter, and an image gallery to go with it.


Updated the Petz page with a new tutorial on swapping out breedfile personalities, added a new photo to The Standana Collective, and a new chapter for Snowtouched.


A very belated new year greeting to everyone with some new entries at The Standana Collective and a new minisite for Snowtouched.


Manifestations is updated with a new arc, and The Standana Collective has a new entry. Enjoy the weird in-between not quite Christmas days, guys.


If you did NaNoWriMo, I hope it was good to you. If not, I hope you had a good November anyway.

New stuff here: two more hexing tutorials in the Petz section (a tour of LNZ Pro and a guide to viewing your breed as an adult in the AC), and a random little page about Mog on the Tyne's Stan and his kitty bandana collection: The Standana Collective.


Added a tutorial to the Petz section about using addgroups when hexing to make features that appear and disappear.


Made some tweaks to the Manifestations section to make it hopefully more reader friendly, and there's a new interlude for Book Two.

Over on the Petz side of things I've added my newest breedfile, a spotted hyena.

I've also got one of those fancy 88x31 buttons now, you can find it on the links page or on the bottom of the main page. Why are they 88x31 as standard, I wondered while writing this - I got curious and dug up a Quora link tracing them back to... Geocities. How surprising. So there's your random fact of the whenever.


I'm done with the code revamp. The whole site should run a lot better now!

While I'm at it I've updated the Manifestations bestiary and added in Arc 13, one of my personal favourites.


It's October! Happy spooky season! To get into the spirit there's a new product of mad science over at the Petz section. I've also done another HTML and CSS overhaul over there for all you people using phones or screenreaders. I hope it works better now, if not please let me know.


Reworked the Manifestations bestiary; one page was getting too cumbersome so now every creature has its own entry.

I'm also doing some overhauls of the whole site's code which should take up a few updates for the future. The aim is to make the code cleaner as well as hopefully more phone and screenreader friendly. Nothing will look different but everything should work a lot better behind the scenes. First up is the Random mini-site. Everything else will follow in time!


I've been back to Mog on the Tyne and I come bearing more photos of the greedy little fuzzballs that live there and I can't get enough of no matter how many times they try to steal my cake.

I've also been having one of those moments where I decide to play some more Petz, so that segment's been updated with a couple of new breedfiles. I'm continually amazed by how every time I come back to the community, it's still there. People come and go but this game refuses to die despite just being a silly little 90s pet sim. I love that such weird little corners persist.


Greetings to all you WS/R.A.R people who ended up making a site here. All two of you!

Manifestations has once again updated with Arc 12 as well as some new monsters in the bestiary.


I don't know if I've found something that actually makes my brain go or if it's all the changes firing me up, but have some more stuff. Manifestations has been updated with a prelude to Book Two and some more bestiary info, and the pages should look better on mobile now.

I've also added a page about my new local cat cafe (one of them, anyway), Mog on the Tyne. I did ask myself why when they already have a site and plenty of social media posts about them, but hey, this is my website, and the point of a website is you can put up whatever you like! So have some cute cats.


Move's over and done with for now, and I've managed to finish off the Manifestations prelude rewrite I've been working on. I was never happy with the old one and wanted to make something that was a better introduction to the series. There's some art over at the bestiary, too.


Writing is going slow, because I am preparing for a move, but also because I am a writer and thus writing is the last thing I ever do. What's with that? Anyway there is some more worldbuilding stuff over at Manifestations. Really could use some illustrations there. Drawing's another thing I say I do and don't. Aarghh.


Book One of Manifestations is finally all converted. May take a break now whilst I get back on track and rework some things. I have too many projects...

There's also some new stuff at the Gallery.


(Because it just turned midnight where I am.)

Manifestations has been updated again. Book 1 is nearly done!

By the way, if anyone's on Flight Rising, I'm there as Kalium. And yeah, I am sort of obsessed with the periodic table. I like things that come in sets.


Some more Manifestations, and a new video up at the Petz section.


It's more Manifestations, just as usual.


Happy beleted new year, guys. I didn't make any resolutions so I am doing very well at not failing them! On the other hand I am trying to be kinder and less of a cynical grump, and also to make more cool things, but I think I'm doing well at that.

Speaking of new things there's some worldbuilding junk over at Manifestations.


Oh hey, if it isn't more Manifestations.


Put together a name generator for the game Niche. Because why not.


More Manifestations, and gallery updates and I've added a new tool in time for NaNo - the Word Crawl for the Motivationally Challenged. For those days when the words don't flow, write a ton by writing small amounts. Complete with one of those fancy progress bars. And some source code if you're into that sort of thing.


You know the drill, new Manifestations, and some new stuff in the gallery too.


It was my birthday last week, which means my personal border between summer and autumn has been passed. It's my favourite time of year and nearly NaNo time!

And there's a new Manifestations mini-arc to celebrate. (Okay, this stuff was written a few years ago. I'm just getting around to converting it to HTML and giving it pretty pages to live on. Same difference.)


So how awesome is the Crystal Maze reboot? Welcome back to the 90s.

Actual Site Stuff: new Manifestations and the Petz section is its own minsite. Yay.


Thoughts from freeCodeCamp is up. Yaaay I finished the front end course. Here's how it felt.


Some thoughts on happiness, more Manifestations...

Oh yeah, and a new url and site name. rustydragonfly > lilaclynx!


More Manifestations and more in the gallery.


Manifestations is back and has a new mini site. Updates will come periodically as I get the story converted to HTML.

I'm participating in the 100 Days of Code challenge too! Follow my progress on GitHub.


Added the Maps gallery.


Added CSS tweaks, tidied up and made the site more mobile friendly. New About and links pages, and images in the gallery.